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Email from vicki mystik, i listened to ur album on the internet, i am definately going to buy it...u r off the chain....keep doin what u do baby
hey get at me da badest chick n da game only 15 and still ballin my myspace email is Lonai_aka_lolo1015@yahoo.com
jus stpin by to show some luv
jus stoppin pass to show some love to barbara sheree..jus wanted to say hi. remember the arcadia college venue we had a good time..im on myspace.com/63sc get at me...aaron powers--legind 63
What's Up Reese I Miss U you got to get wit me call me
I'm so glad your doin something with that voice remember Destiny?
Congrats and continued best wishes for success and happiness. Kne-O'chaw is maturing wonderfully. Great pix. Barbara is a phenomenal singer and I've had the pleasure of seeing her perform more than once and I'm always impressed.
Just checked out your website and congrats - it's great! Stay determined and be encouraged. Sista, Nik
Barbara, Loved your stuff, Please contact me I have several songs that need Lyrics and melody I would love to work with you.. I'm currently working on a project that will be completd by the end of this year I really would love to do somthing with you. I have a couple of smooth jazz songs on this website under jared however my R&B stuff is bang-in. I hope to talk with you soon
Dear Mr. Williams: I was impressed when I read your interview in this week's AC Weekly. I am in the process our programming a series of first-time outdoor events called Atlantic City Rhythm-N-Ribs Festivals. They will take place in the Brighton Park area and the Boardwalk and Beach on various weekends this Summer. Please check out our event website at www.atlanticcityrhythmnribs.8m.com, and consider this an invitation to join us at your convenience for the purpose of exposing any of your talent to a mass audience. Congrats on your track record of achievement and I hope you find this of some interest to your agenda. I will call you soon to follow up. Best regards, Dorian Gilmer Exec. Director Atlantic City Rhythm-N-Ribs Festivals
mystik is Freash as f**K
I found your website intriguing and informative. Before I viewed it I thought what I needed was an agent but truly now I know what I should search for is a manager who can respect this poet's talents in inspirational and life's issues. thank you. http://poetebo.expage.com
To Barbara Sheree: fantastic cd
For Barbara Sheree: Great CD to have in your collection All of the songs were great. Barbara has great vocals and have a soulful sound. The CD needs to be put out there some more. People need to hear her.
I have to say that I was highly impressed with Barbara Sheree's album that I have here in front of me.  I am one half of a partnership called Arrowheart.  We had our usual Thursday night Open Mic at Fiso's Lounge and my partner slid me her self titled album with the 6 songs on it.  I was surprised to say that I loved everything; she has a sound that reminds me of Jill Scott.  If you guys are ever looking for a venue to try out new songs in front of an audience, you can have her come through, give me a call if this interest you. We are currently in the process of having 2 venues a week, once I get the full information I wil let you know.
For Barbara Sheree: Cool Smooth Sound. Congrats.
Hi Barbara, I saw your show last year at North by Northwest in May. I got your cd (actually got 2)I was wondering where and when will you be performing again, I really enjoyed your show, you are very talented! Chris
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To Mystik: Ya style is aight...keep doin u
About Barbara Sheree: Young singer from Pennsylvania but sounds mixture of oldschool and urban contemporary R&B, 6 tracks only.
To Mystik: I'm suprised I'm the first one to leave a review. Look, you're the **** But I can't give you a ten simply because you don't have more songs. Keep it going!
To Mystik: Ya style is aight...keep doin u
Soulful and Smooth A wonderful CD with 6 original tracks. The first song 'Don't make me wait ' is definately my favourite. It sounds familiar and like its been there forever ! Go check it out and spread the word
Email from Mike d'Amsterdam Hi ! What a great CD ! A wonderful voice and wonderful interpretation. If you ever come to Europe or plan to, make sure to give me a buzz :-) If you are interested, we would love to inlude your CD on our independent website at www.groovyjazz.com (will be up soon) Cheers / Peace and be wild Mike from Amsterdam, The Netherlands