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What do The Notorious B.I.G. and Tmarquise Entertainment have in common?

We both received cease and desist notices for names that were trademarked by someone else. He got one for Biggie Smalls and we received one for Bonnie and Clyde. Even though this album was released in 2008 and the people below in the notice just got their trademark in 2012, it’s legally their name now. Below is a link to help you understand how to trademark your name. We really didn’t have the group named Bonnie and Clyde but more just name of the album. Both artists(male and female)  was just using that moniker as the album name.

Hello Robert,

This is Joel Andrew over at CD Baby.

I just received a cease and desist notice from Clyde (

regarding your artist name "Bonnie N Clyde."  Clyde is the US Patent and

Trademark Office holder of the Bonnie And Clyde trademark, registration numbers

# 4149256 and # 4198372.

At this time I must halt distribution on your content in full.  With the

trademarks registered with the federal government, I must comply with their


Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

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