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Is DJ Hosting Worth It?

Historically, DJ hosting has been great way for artists in the hip-hop community to gain credibility through association, but as more DJs enter the scene and crowd the market, the question is being raised of  whether the expense is worth the exposure.

In hip-hop culture, DJ hosting has been a way to give artists credibility through association. Yet as the industry has evolved and even more DJs share the scene, the question does hosting matter anymore comes to play. As an independent artist you want the most exposure as possible. You also want your budget to be used in wise investments.

Quite often rappers will spend several dollars to have a DJ host their mixtape. Hosting is a form of marketing that attaches their brand with that of the DJs, with hopes that his or her fans, will also download the new tape. With that said, the former notion of hosting has changed.

Before there were but a few DJs artists could seek out. In those few, the DJs could decide if they wanted to be associated with that artist or not. Now, with several DJs on the market, the notion of hosting has changed.

Money & Marketing

Everything boils down to what can a company offer you to boost your image. If you choose to go the DJ hosting route, what will be offered? Will that DJ actively market it to his or her fans? For how long? How long does your investment stretch the DJs reach? Are you using hosting just for a name attachment with hopes that some of the DJs stature with embellish onto you?

Here is where you have to choose wisely. With so many DJs out now, the craft of hosting and MCing has become watered down. If you are not relatively known, consider how much or little a DJ association will enhance or do nothing toward your brand.

Of course if you choose a well-known and respected DJ who has tenure, then your association may help boost your image slightly. That is a small chance though. Because, you and several other artists have the same idea of booking the same DJ for hosting.

Instead of seeking DJs to host your work, use that money on other marketing avenues like Facebook ad targeting or Twitter advertisements. Maybe get some custom shirts made so people will notice your brand when you walk by in the mall. Consider placing radio advertisements or hosting your own night at a venue.

The internet is an infinite realm of content. Once your project is hosted by a DJ, a few weeks pass and another artist will now be on the forefront. Was that investment worth it?

It is better to weigh your options with DJ hosting in today’s digital realm. There are a lot of options to use that investment toward marketing or other ventures. Hosting does have its place and it is up to you to decide if it is for you.


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