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Artist, trademark your name or this can happen to you!

What Time Is It? Once about a time in the land of ice and snow a music prodigy named Prince collaborated with a drummer turned supreme pimp personality singing front man named Morris Day to build a super band. They turned to an established hometown act called Flytetyme and plucked the core of its members to form the stellar genre bending funk-urban-pop band called The Time. Morris Day, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir and Jerome Benton become one of the baddest bands in the land. The Time are responsible for major hits like “Cool”, “Gigolos Get Lonely Too”, Jungle Love”, “The Walk”, “Jerk Out” and others. Their performances are legendary and their music stands the test of time. When the band disbands, the members go on to have incredible individual success. Thirty years later they decide to get back together and make new music; only to be informed by Prince that they can not use their original name since he owns it and was not in any way involved with this album. We all have been fans of The Time for decades and now Prince blocks them from using the name? Tragically petty. Didn’t Prince give up his name in a dispute with his record company for artist’s rights to have control of their intellectual property? Wasn’t he an advocate for the freedom of artist’s expressions? Guess that was for his name only.

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