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BIG Mistake #1. They think they need a manager

You don’t need a manager. Managers are for major artists who literally have no time to breathe. If you are an independent artist, make sure you make enough money on your own first before you decide to share your pie. When you get to the point where you are getting so many calls you cannot handle it, that’s when you know it’s the right time for outside management.


BIG Mistake #2. They copy anything that’s hot

Hip hop artists especially love being cookie cutter artists. There is nothing more of a turn off as an industry insider than to see someone pretend to be someone they are not. Be yourself. Talk about your own life and be original!


BIG Mistake #3. They release full length albums before singles

I say it again and again. Singles come first. Singles are what sells the album. Singles are what gets you booked. Singles are what gets you known. They are so much more important than releasing albums. Don’t discredit albums, but they come after the singles have made you famous!

BIG Mistake #4. They blindly submit demos to labels

As an independent artist, the chances of a label looking at you is already slim even if you are in front of their face. It’s even harder when you try to submit your materials online to labels. Do not blindly send your music to any company. Always use a professional or a lawyer who is connected in the music business to do this, otherwise it goes right into the trash, or worse, spam! It’s a good idea to pay a music lawyer to help you. Labels never reject anything from a entertainment attorney.

BIG Mistake #5. They buy e-mail blasts

There are many companies that sell artists e-mail blasts to hundreds of thousands of people. What they don’t know is, it all goes to spam. The chances of someone important seeing that is almost close to none. Do not waste any money on e-mail blasts. Many of these companies promote a large number of releases and artists every day, making your chances even slimmer. When executives see any of this, they immediately flag it down as spam.


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